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From Local Waste

EcoTouch is committed to minimizing local waste in Indonesia. Instead of letting it pile up in landfills and take over 200 years to decompose, EcoTouch transforms it into new and sustainable textile products.



We take a proactive approach to textile waste by collecting unwanted fabrics from two key sources: pre-consumer waste, consisting of fabric scraps leftover from garment factories, and post-consumer waste, consisting of well-worn textiles discarded by the public.



The collected textile waste then undergoes a sorting process. The usable textiles are further sorted by fiber type. We currently only process natural fibers due to their eco-friendly properties. This means that garments made with slick, shiny, or stretchy materials cannot be processed at this time.


Cutting & Raging

The sorted textile waste is cut into small pieces and undergoes a shredding process, which transforms the fabric into a fibrous material (shoddy) suitable for further processing.


Insulator or Yarn Making

The fibrous material (shoddy) then processed into eco-friendly building insulation, recycled yarn, and ultimately woven into recycled fabric.


Launch for User

Upon completion of the processing stages, EcoTouch products are made available to users throughout Indonesia.

Our Product Can Be Recyled Again, and Again.

Creating a sustainable open cycle #forbetter future.

Made in Indonesia

Learn More About Our Products:

Building Insulation

EcoTouch promotes green building practices by pioneering innovative building insulation crafted from textile waste.

Recycled Yarn & Fabric

EcoTouch champions sustainable fashion by transforming textile waste into beautiful, unique, and eco-friendly yarn and fabrics.

We are always open to collaborate with various partners in order to create a better future.