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Your Personal Oasis of Productivity

Create comfortable surroundings in the building by stabilizing room temperature and sound absorption.

Silent Pod

The Silent Pod is your all-in-one solution for focused work and clear communication. Featuring state-of-the-art soundproofing enhanced with recycled textile dampeners, it guarantees optimal acoustic performance. This eco-friendly pod transforms your space, functioning seamlessly as an office meeting cubicle, telephone booth, podcast studio, or self-expression room. Find your focus, record flawless audio, or simply escape distractions – all while minimizing your environmental impact.

Main Features


Capable of reducing noise levels by up to 80%-90%, offering a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.


Helps maintain a stable temperature inside the pod, ensures a comfortable environment for extended use.


Low-noise air ventilation system to ensure necessary air circulation is maintained while preserving the soundproofing attributes of the booth.

Multiple Uses

Serves a variety of functions, making it suitable for different settings.  It can be used as office cubicle, phone booth, podcast studio, private room, etc.


Offers a customizable layouts to provide the client needs and purposes. 


Standard Specification:

  • Size: 1,5m x 1,5m x 2,2m
  • Materials: Plywood with HPL finishing
  • Insulation: EcoTouch Insulation
  • Acoustic Panel: Covered with Acoustic Fabric
  • Lightning: LED stripe
  • Interior: Work Desk
  • Ventilation: 32cm x 21cm x 10cm
  • System Power Outlets – Socket: 1  (110/240 VAC)
  • Acoustic Interior: Sound Absorption 80% – 90%

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